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    Muthalaipatti, Keelapatti, Natchalur and several villages of Kulithalai Taluk of Karur District are under the floricultural belt of Karur district, cultivating rose, jasmine and Ixora flower crops. Trichy flower market is the sales point, located at around 25 km from these villages. Based on the various approaches of group discussion, field visits and advisory services, the outcome indicated that there is lack of good quality of planting material at a sufficient quantity at local nursery. The farmers are spending huge amount for the transport of the planting material more than the cost of the seedlings inspite of which damages of the materials also happens. To overcome these problems, KVK advised the rural youth to start nursery for the horticultural crops with the technical support of KVK and imparted one vocational training in the title of-Propagation of Horticultural Crops-for the period of 20 days at KVK campus for the benefit of 12 rural youths.. After the completion of training, three farmers namely Arjunan, Rengan and Eagambaram started the nursery unit with less cost of investments and established a low cost mist chamber and propagated the flower crops like Ixora, Rose, Jasmine, and Ornamental Plants in Muthalaipatti village of Kulithalai Taluk of Karur district. Now with in the short period of establishment, they earned more than Rs.6500 as a profit. They are planning to extend more number of productions as a commercial unit.

    The details of Production, Expenditure and Income details (month wise) are follows.

    Name of the plant Number of plant Price/plant Rs. Income Expenditure Profit
    Ixora 3000 5 15000 11000 4000
    Jasmine 2000 4 8000 6000 2000
    Rose 500 4 2000 1700 300
    Ornamental Plants 100 7 700 500 200
    Total 5600 20 25700 19200 6500



    Mr. Govindan and Mr. Prabakaran are the two farmers residing at Lalapettai, Karur district. Mr. Govindan is cultivating banana in an area of 4 acres under high density planting method. He has achieved good production and he is selling directly to various markets. He was very much interested to start an enterprise in addition to selling banana. By knowing through newspaper advertisements he came to know the vocational training and other service providing in agriculture and allied activities in KVK. He visited the KVK and discussed with the experts regarding vocational training on banana by-products and attended the vocational training for 30 days at Inootrimangalam village under sponsored training with the financial support of Women Development Corporation.


    SKVK Conducted on-campus, off-campus, vocational training on banana value addition and fibre extraction technology during the year 2007. The training programme is furnished below Training No of programmes No of participants
    Male Female Total
    1 On campus (Vocational Training) 2 10 47 57
    2 Off campus 4 2 119 121
      Total 6 12 166 178